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    Global vision, unlimited explore

    UCMD Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of "Adventure Land"

    We provide a complete industry chain integrated solution for consulting, planning, design, construction, management and operation.

    UCMD Cultural and Creative is a rising star in the field of cultural tourism

    Since its establishment in 2014, it has been in the fields of cultural scenic spots, tourist resorts, cultural tourism towns, themed businesses, etc.

    Has in-depth cooperation with well-known cultural tourism industry development leading companies such as OCT Group, Huaqiang Fangte Group, Shaanxi Travel Group, Kaiyuan Group, Liuqi Group

    UCMD Cultural & Creative has strong overall strength and rich experience in project management

    Stably hold a professional, dedicated and experienced creative R&D team

    Skillful business in the core leadership circle, outstanding ability, extensive resources and solid reputation

    The business team clearly understands the operating rules of each link of the cultural tourism development industry chain

    Can be keenly and meticulously understand the development trend of the industry, have a mature and stable project control ability and diligent product exploration spirit

    UCMD is committed to providing partners with better professional solutions and more detailed service experience

    On the road of R&D, innovation and cooperation in the field of "Adventure Land"

    We will stick to our original intention and move forward steadily to contribute to the development of the domestic cultural tourism industry


    Performance map

    Cultural area

    • 中國周原景區·百鳥樂園
    • 觀谷活力歡樂小鎮·精靈王國
    • 中堂天元谷·神秘島
    • 蘇州樂園森林世界·凍原森林
    • 鲅魚灣魔法溫泉公園·魔法森林探索館

    Cultural Tourism Town

    • 江北水城歡樂小鎮·探索王國
    • 絲路歡樂世界·冒險王國
    • 重慶悅來小鎮·大鬧千廝倉
    • 鳳凰未來樂園
    • 紫云格凸河攀巖小鎮

    Tourist Resort

    • 云漫湖國際休閑旅游度假區·森噠星生態度假公園
    • 重慶山水六旗國際度假區·冒險樂園
    • 杭州開元森泊度假樂園·芙洛拉花園
    • 絲路丹霞夢幻城·沙漠綠洲探險樂園
    • 徐州月半灣生態度假村

    Business Theme District

    • 江南盛天地·玩具暢想天地
    • 新天衛城·貴州龍探險樂園
    • LCM置匯旭輝廣場·羅比特莊園