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    Planning and Design

    UCMD's creative design team focuses on multiple elements such as customer demands, market needs, and cultural environment

    Deeply dig into the most valuable, empathetic and tourist attraction themes of the project, use big thinking and broad vision to form an integrated professional creative concept that can be implemented, landed and operated well

    The planning and design sector is one of the main businesses of Huanshi Cultural and Creative, and its business scope covers: tourism resorts, cultural scenic spots, cultural tourism towns, themed businesses, etc.

    The company has a comprehensive team of talents in all aspects of planning, planning, landscape, architecture, tourism, art, etc., emphasizing the originality of the design and the principle of quality, and advocates multiple development

    Design element

    1. Taking mass culture as connotation

    Meet the premise of satisfying mass tourism consumption, try to reflect the characteristics of personalization, diversification and innovation;

    Take authenticity as the core of cultural connotation, and further explore the local humanistic feelings to meet the needs of different levels of customer groups;

    Guide consumption with a moderately advanced sense of consciousness, and promote the market with the help of multimedia video and self-media platforms to promote the market;

    Comprehensively subdivide the theme and seek characteristics in the area of tourism product mix and other regional support.

    2. With the location combination as the key

    Since the planning and design of the theme park is a spatial activity, it must involve the optimization of space layout and space organization;

    The quality of the location is an important factor that affects the success of the park. In principle, you should try to select the area next to or near the main road of the traffic;

    A region with beautiful natural scenery and rich tourism resources is likely to form a comprehensive advantage, bringing more tourists and profits to the theme park.

    3. Aiming at comprehensive benefits

    Focus fully on market positioning and market occupancy to make a guided commercial value judgment on cultural connotation, improve tourist revisit rate and investment income ratio, and drive the comprehensive and healthy development of multiple industries in the region through the tourism multiplier effect;

    Resolutely uphold the green view of "environment is resources" to protect and improve local cultural heritage and natural environment;

    Guide consumption with a moderately advanced sense of consciousness, and promote the market with the help of multimedia video and self-media platforms to promote the market;

    Promote economic and cultural exchanges between regions through the development of theme park tourism, create job opportunities to attract young and middle-aged labor to return to build hometowns, weaken the proportion of left-behind children and elderly people, and guide the healthy development of local comprehensive benefits.


    UCMD's engineering team has rich project practical operation experience and excellent cross-professional overall management skills

    Provide partners with a full range of project construction and construction services covering civil engineering, equipment, landscape packaging, etc.

    The service chain covers: pre-project proposal, feasibility study report preparation/evaluation; engineering survey, design, bid evaluation and consultation during the preparation stage; equipment and material procurement, contract management, construction supervision, production preparation, personnel during the implementation stage Training, completion and acceptance, etc., strive to achieve low cost, high quality and strong guarantee during the construction phase

    Project execution process


    Owner’s Vision

    Project review


    Uniform Appeal

    Quantitative information


    Master plan

    Operational configuration


    Business plan

    Investment financing


    Cost forecast

    Marketing plan


    Design and development

    Engineering research


    Construction preparation

    File approval


    Tendering and bidding

    Negotiating contract


    Overall test

    Personnel training


    New media

    Semi opening


    Grand opening

    Multiple publicity


    Mode operation

    Perfect details

    Operation management

    UCMD's Operation Management Team provides partners with comprehensive support such as consulting, management and custody, and financing co-construction

    Committed to providing multiple solutions, cultivating independent operation systems, formulating precise marketing strategies, and implementing multi-channel operation solutions

    Realize big data intelligence + management and control platform, and provide professional, standardized and branded chain operation services for the overall management and operation of the park

    Big data management and control platform

    Improve the management level of the park, identify tourist preferences, evaluate the overall operation status of the park project, evaluate the development potential of local tourism, improve the marketing and promotion efficiency of the market customer group, and test the network reputation of the park products

    Integrated precision marketing strategy

    Channel construction

    Online travel agency channel construction, offline travel agency channel development

    Marketing planning

    Planning of various marketing activities, new media marketing at home and abroad

    Project operation

    Project investment and financing analysis, custody operation and tourism management

    Market research judgment

    Big data market consultation, big data public opinion report

    Top-level design

    Smart tourism marketing, regional marketing design

    Brand building

    Brand image design, regional marketing consulting


    UCMD is committed to building a differentiated cultural and creative brand and excellent consumer experience for the project

    Provide one-stop consulting and consulting service solutions for governments, tourist resorts, cultural scenic spots, cultural tourism towns, theme businesses and other companies

    Administrative logistics
    Management plan

    Human resources
    Management plan

    Business planning

    Themed merchandise
    Development plan

    Performance planning and
    management plan

    Financial budget
    Management plan

    Recreation equipment planning
    and management plan

    Customer service control

    Environmental maintenance
    Management plan

    Engineering maintenance
    Management plan

    Event planning

    Brand building


    Security management

    Operation system
    Management plan

    Core Advantages

    Professional support throughout the industry chain

    Tourist Resort

    Cultural area

    Cultural Tourism Town

    Theme business

    Development of closed-loop operation management

    Creative output

    Construction control


    Market research

    Diversified cooperation model



    Planning and Design

    Construction management

    Acceptance delivery

    Consultant management



    Planning and Design

    Investment and construction

    Engineering acceptance

    Product handover



    Planning and Design

    Investment and construction

    Operation management

    Brand output