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Some of the most awesome NFT artists display their art on 24 Hours of NFT. Here are a few of them!

Upload your NFT

Be a part of NFT history in 3 easy steps.

1. Upload your NFT

Upload your NFT and select the seconds you want your NFT displayed on. From now on, your art will be displayed at that time every day. Forever.

2. Pay for your seconds using crypto

Securely pay for your seconds with crypto. While prices are displayed in BTC, you can pay for your seconds with your favorite coin.

3. Have your art displayed forever!

That's it! Your NFT art will now be displayed on your seconds everyday. Forever! And who knows? You just might have claimed the golden second....

The Golden Second

There are 86 400 seconds in a day. You can claim any second of the day! But there is only 1 golden second...

When all seconds on this project have been claimed, something special will happen! 1 random second will be revealed to be the golden second. The owner of that second will receive 1 whole Bitcoin. Welcome to the club!

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I display my NFT art here?
You just found a NFT artifact. A piece of NFT history! We are building a 24 hour loop filled with different NFT art. This will be displayed here everyday. Forever! This is your chance to become part of this historic project, know by everybody in the industry.
How does it work?
You can buy the seconds of the day you want your NFT art displayed on. Upload your art, add a description and add a link where you want to redirect visitors to (e.g. platform, personal website, marketplace). That's it! Your art will now be displayed for all our visitors to see, forever!
How much does 1 second cost?
The price will start at ₿0.00005 per second and increase with ₿0.00001 after every hour sold. Seconds can be bought with your favorite coin! E.g. ETH, Litecoin, DAI.
What is the Golden Second?
When all seconds of the day have been claimed, one second will be randomly become the Golden Second. The owner of that second will receive 1 Bitcoin.
What is the 24 Hours NFT?
You're a creative artist and your work deserves to be seen. You can be one of the limited few whose NFT art will be displayed in this gallery every day. Forever. Your art will be seen by thousands of NFT collectors and enthousiasts!
How can I pay for the seconds?
You can pay with a Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin, USD Coin or with your Coinbase account. The payments are processed with Coinbase.

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